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Monday, August 10, 2009

Life and Baby Josh's birth story

Daddy and his Mini Me
Our sweet boy at 2 1/2 weeks

Brand new Josh

Peanut getting ready to go to her recital

Mom and Miss K at Pre-school graduation
I am really behind on my blog like normal. I am not going to apologize or promise I will do better. I am just used to updating it every few months. If I get to it sooner, even better. So since Kenadie's birthday not alot has happened. At the end of May Kenadie graduated from preschool and had her yearly dance recital so that was fun and kept things busy. I just continued to work and get more pregnant. When I was 33 weeks I had some pretty close contractions. They were 4 mins apart. Doctor Brown did what was called a fetal fibronectin test that tells you if you will deliver in 2 weeks or less. It came back negative but he wanted to make sure so he kept me on bedrest for 9 days. For those who know me, I am not the bedresting type. I like to leave the house everyday. I am really social and it gives me a sense of well being to be doing SOMETHING. It nearly drove me insane. I was put on modified bedrest which meant I could get up to go to the bathroom, shower, and make a snack. Since Jas has been working part-time he was home and made sure I stuck to it. I thank him for that now, not at the time. I ended up going back to work and felt fine.

At 36 weeks I had my cerclage(stitch in my cervix removed) and the next day I had contractions for 7 hours that were really close but I didn't dilate. My doc said that to stop them he wanted to give me a shot of morphine, I was nervous about it but he said it was safe and would stop them because they were not helping me progress any. I went home and was SO out of it for the night. I had contractions all the time all the way up until I delivered. They felt like the real thing but they never helped me dilate. I tried everything the last 2 weeks. My sister in law Melanie was here and had me take a 2 mile walk with her when I was 39 weeks. I came home and was contracting hard and thought it was going to happen. Nothing happened. I went to my last doctor appt on Monday 7/20 and my doc said I was barely a 2 and that he was being generous even saying I was a 2 and scheduled an induction for the next day. My mother in law Terri came up that night all ready to meet baby boy. I got up the next morning at 6 am all ready to go. I have NEVER seen Jas up so early with a smile on his face. Well then came the LONGEST wait of my life it seemed like. We called all day that day just to be told that I was not quite 40 wks and the labor and delivery floor had no room. They advised me the next day was going to be even busier and after talking to my doctor I would be the first one on the list for friday 7/24. I felt really bad because my mother in law used her one week vacation and had to work early saturday morning. We werent sure if she would be able to be here when he was born or not.

We went to the hospital at 9:30 that morning and finally got an open delivery room at noon. The pitocin drip was started and we were on our way. My doc came in at 2 and broke my water and I was contracting pretty hard at that point. I asked the nurse...oh about every 30 mins when I could get my epidural. Falling in line with the last 9 months I was told I had to wait. She told me there was a C section and another person ahead of me. When the anesthesiologist finally came in I was at a 4 and the contractions were coming hard. Jason's mom after waiting all day got hungry and left the hospital to go get something to eat as she heard that nurse say I had a while to go. Well...little did I know the waiting was over. While the epidural was being put in my back the nurse thought it was interesting how hard I was contracting and why I could not really hold still. She announced that I was at 8cm. That all happened in 10 minutes. In the next 5 everything happened so fast my head was spinning. I heard the nurse say I was at a 10 and it was time to push. I went into full panic mode. I said "Wait..the medicine hasn't kicked in. I can't do this without it." My mom had come back in to check on things and I grabbed her hand. Our original plan was to have just Jas and I in the room but at that moment I needed my mom too. Its amazing even being almost 32 years old you sometimes still need your mommy. She and Jason were very encouraging and tried to keep me calm even though because it hurt sooooo bad I got stubborn and refused to breathe even with oxygen on. I looked over and saw my mom with tears streaming down her face(if you know my mom, she doesn't let anyone see her cry and usually says suck it up and don't let anyone know you're hurt) She was like you have to breathe for your baby. During all the trying to breathe and push and try not to scream like a crazy person I kept hearing my cute husband say...Oh my gosh babe..he is So big...he is HUGE...and there he was...Joshua Paul Moody 8lbs 10 0z, 21.5 inches long.

After he was we had a small scare. He was born with the cord around his neck and they had to use suction to get him out quickly. He had a bruise and a hematoma bump on his head. That was not the scary part. He was born so quickly that part of his lung collapsed and his respiratory rate was really fast. The NICU came and took him with them. I didn't see him for the first 6 hours of his life but Jason got to go give him a bath and give me updates on what was going on. He spent the next 2 days in the NICU breathing pure oxygen to repair his lung and we and a few visitors were allowed to go see him and the last evening and night I was able to go down every 2 hours to feed him. It was strange because I am such a worry wart, but I was so calm. I just knew that everything would be ok. I went to my room felt at peace and that I had something to learn from the experience. We are proud parents and after a crazy pregnancy, delivery and hospital stay we have our little miracle. He is such a sweet boy. Now at 3 1/2 weeks he is pretty much sleeping through the night and starting to make fun little noises. We couldnt be happier. Now our family is complete. My body can't go through another pregnancy. We have been blessed with our boy and our girl and we feel so lucky to be their parents.

Monday, May 18, 2009

So I have been true to my word and it's only been a month since I last updated. It has been quite an eventful month. Baby boy Moody is growing and doing well so far. He is a VERY busy boy! I can't ever remember Kenadie moving this much or just starting waking up between 1 and 2 am. He is definitely a night owl like his daddy. The good news is when he gets here Daddy can be up with him :) I am 31 weeks and some change. My last appointment to Dr. Brown was a little scary but he is always very upfront. At 29 weeks my stitch was still holding strong but I am already 30% effaced. So I am not dilating but I am thinning a little early. I have an appointment tommorow. He is just going to watch me close. It will depend on how much my cervix is thinning tommorow if I am on partial or full bedrest. If things are not progressing too far I will still get to work. I hope I still get to work. It looks as if our baby boy will not make it to my July due date. We are hoping that with lots of rest and me taking it easy that we will atleast hit the the 36 week mark.

As for taking it easy, well, easier said than done. If you know me at ALL. Well, I am just a busy body. I am not the type to lay down and rest or not going anywhere. As we have approached the warm months now it seems there is always something going where its birthdays, bbq's, concerts, or weddings. Jas has been so good lately and taking care of me and making sure that dinner is being cooked and things are tidy so I can rest.

This weekend we had Kenadie's 5th birthday party. This is the first time we have had a party with friends instead of just a family party. It was crazy and chaotic as you can imagine with 9 screaming 5 year old and kids of all ages. She had a great time though and it was a success. Sunday afternoon we went on a picnic just Jas, Kenadie and I. We packed a lunch and just hungout. It was really nice to get out of the house. Jason and I went to Flight of the Conchords too. The are a folk comedy band from New Zealand that has had a show on HBO for 2 Seasons. They are hilarious and it was fun for us to see them live and for Jas and I to get a little alone time. Today was Kenadie's real birtday. I am still in shock that she is 5 years old. She is such a good kid. We had a girls day planned but unfortunately since I had the day off of work we had to go to her 5 year check up first thing this morning. She got her shots. I was SO relieved. NO MORE until she is 11. I am such a wuss during those appointments. We also had to check back in with the doctor because lately she has been suffering from headaches. The doctor wanted to check her eyes again. He said by the triggers, frequency and center of pain she probably suffers from migraines. It broke my heart. My mom started having them in first grade and still has them at 55. He gave me some good news that there are preventive measures and triggers to watch for. She will be taking an antihistamine everyday that is supposed to offset the triggers and hopefully that will help. We left the doctor and enjoyed the rest of our day. I had a spa gift card and shared it with Miss K. We got mini pedi's and manicures. She was so cute she just read a magazine and sipped her water and said "Wow, mom this is pretty relaxing right?" Such a big girl now. We then went home had a nice nap, got daddy and went to lunch. We took her birthday money and went to build a bear and got a cute bunny and then got her ears pierced. When we got there and were filling out the paperwork she was like mom I don't want to do this now, so Jas and I were like ok let's go home peanut. She changed her mind got up there and didn't make one frown, sound or flinch. She was so brave. She was like that was it? I was so proud of her. She is tough as nails like her grandma Robin. I must be a baby. I was alot older and I thought it HURT. That is about all from the Moody family right now. We are doing well and despite some recent setbacks(for another blog this one is already too long) we are all healthy and happy.

Monday, April 13, 2009

At Last!

November: So since it has been soooo long since I blogged I am just going to recap by month. So in November we found out we were pregnant and super excited. By Thanksgiving the vicious morning sickness cycle had started and I so I didn’t eat like I normally would on Thanksgiving and there were lots of questions as to why, but we weren’t telling people just yet. December: Unfortunately this month followed suit and I spent much of my time I should have spent Christmas shopping praying to the porcelain throne lol. We went to Jason’s family Christmas party and it was a lot of fun and we decided then to tell the family. Jason’s mom has wanted us to have a baby for a long time and so we decided to surprise her at the family party. We all exchanged gifts and got her a frame that says “I love my grandma” Inside the frame, instead of a picture it was a piece of paper that read “Coming July 2009” She pretty much turned inside out and ran over and tackled us both. It was really fun to see her reaction. I felt bad I didn’t surprise my parents in the same way, but I am really close with my mom and just told her. When I had Kenadie I surprised them with the ultrasound pic. On a not so happy note my Daddy found out 2 days after Christmas that he had prostate cancer. The doctor found 2 tumors that were pretty high on the scale. They were 7 on a scale of 10. My parents went in and they talked about options and decided it was not in his best interest to just remove the tumors because there appeared to be other smaller ones and he would have to go through other surgeries. He decided the best option would be to remove his entire prostate. At first I was upset but my dad has always been healthy and this cancer is easier to beat than most when caught early. January: Wow, what a crazy month for our family. So like I stated in a previous blog it was a month of fun at St. Mark’s hospital for our family. It started on 1/21 with me having my cervix stitched. The next day my mom went in and had shoulder surgery to break her bone spurs so she could actually move her shoulder. My mother in law came to help us out for a few days while I was down. She was such a big help getting Kenadie ready for school and make sure my cute little family didn’t starve. Jas is great at cleaning, but I am the cook. So on 1/22 the day after my surgery and my 31st birthday I was feeling good in the morning. I didn’t have any of the side effects I was told I might have from my surgery. I was having a really fun day just hanging out with Terri and bonding. I got spoiled with gorgeous flowers from my husband and sister in law and lots of loves and well wishes. That night Terri made me dinner and got me a cake and when we sat down to dinner I got really nauseated and just plain didn’t feel good. I didn’t really think much of it because it was normal for how the last 2 month had gone. I woke up the next day with the WORST headache I had ever had in my life. I couldn’t see or walk or hold my head up. I wasn’t sure what the problem was. By that night, I hadn’t kept anything down for 24 hours which I knew was worse than morning sickness. My doctors office sent me to the ER. I went and they checked everything out. Did an ultrasound and said the baby looked fine and that I just had hyperemesis and need IV infusion, they gave me a few bags of fluids and a shot of morphine and sent me home. The next day I got out of bed and the pain was even worse than the day before, I sound like a baby but it was so terrible I was crying and Jason got scared and called my mommy haha. We went back to the ER. We saw a different doctor and he actually listened to what was going on an paid attention to the fact I had surgery 3 days prior. We figured out that when I got the spinal block for my surgery that the needle went in too far and the made a puncture wound that was causing my spinal fluid to leak out. So basically my head was banging against the base of my skull and that was what was causing the pain to be so unbearable. The did a blood patch which meant they drew my own blood and put in back in to patch the hole. I felt immediate relief wash over me. The gave me a another shot of morphine and ensured me since the baby was past 14 weeks that it was safe. I then had to go home and lay completely flat for 8 hours straight. Jas was really cute and made sure that I stuck to it and didn’t move. He waited on me and got me drinks and fed me. February: Dad had his surgery. All went well and they were able to remove all the cancer. The prognosis was good. It just was not fun to see him go through all of it. I had no clue what the reprocussions were on your body and things that did not function as a result. Dad is NOT one to lay around in bed all day. It just does not fit him and he was stuck there for atleast 3 weeks. Mom played nurse and took really good care of him. He went back to work on week #4. He looked really tired and I thought it was too soon, but he like he always has does exactly what he wants. He still looks super skinny and I wish he’d gain some weight. He has had follow up appointment since then the doc says things look good and no chemo is required at this point. I am so relieved. Medicine is pretty amazing these days. On the 24th of February I had my first ultrasound. Jason wasn’t able to get work off so I took my mom. Heres the catch, our first anniversary was not until March 11th and he wanted to know the sex on our anniversary as a surprise. I knew that mom can take a secret to the grave. I was scared for me to keep that secret from everyone for 2 weeks!! Let me just tell you, my family was relentless!! Jason’s family asked just once and then left it alone after he was like nope, you will know when I know. My family kept it up and they tried to trick me and everything. It was actually pretty funny, but I didn’t tell! March: March was a fun month. By this time the morning sickness had gone away. Good thing. Jason was prepared for the cranky, tired, always sick wife and I was glad to be somewhat back to normal. On March 11th was our first anniversary. I was pretty excited as we both had surprises. Jason surprised me with a cute little bed and breakfast in Park City. We had so much fun! We went to dinner at an Italian Restaurant in downtown Park City. It was pretty fancy and we felt a bit out of place but it was romantic and we just had a good talk. Neither of us had ever been to a bed and breakfast before and the owner was a cute elderly guy named Bob. I felt more like a guest at a distant relatives house. It was really nice and he made an amazing breakfast. That night I surprised Jason with the sex of our baby with little gifts with notes from me that he had to open in order. He was sooooo excited to find out that we were having a BOY!!!!! I was too. He was nervous about the results. He had said he already had a little princess and wanted a little man. The next day we called the rest of the family. Jason’s mom is hilarious and by the time we called his sister to tell her she already knew because he mom was so excited she couldn’t hold back. That same week my brother Trevor and his lovely lady Annie picked up and moved their 5 kids to California. I was really sad and was a big bawl baby about it. We are really close and I was going to miss them a lot. He got transferred with his job and although I was sad it was a good opportunity and a change for him. I think what made me the saddest was his heartbreak of having to leave his daughters behind and not see them every week. They are all settled in though now and loving the weather and the beaches. Jason and I hope to take our little family in the fall to visit when the weather gets yucky here. Some other good news, my little brother Mat and his love since the 8th grade got married on the 31st . She has always been a part of our family and we love her. They have 2 of the cutest little kids ever. Justice is 3 and Conner is 3 mos. April: Wow, this is a long blog. Pretty sure I will stick to just updating once a month. Things are going well. We had another ultrasound on Friday. I am 25 weeks and am measuring at 26 wks 6 days. He is already 2 lbs! So I am thinking he is going to be a big kid. I have about 11 weeks until my stitch is removed. It could be anyday after that. I am excited to meet my little Joshua Paul. Kenadie is getting excited to. She tells everyone and I mean everyone, including strangers she has a brother in my belly. We are registering her for Kindergarten this Friday. She is getting to be my big girl. I can’t believe this day is here already. She is a lot of fun and is going to be a big help. We love our little peanut. That is all for now. I promise I will be better in the future. Oh yeah, Plus, my mom started a family blog and I am pretty sure updating that on a regular basis is not an option.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Coming Soon I promise!

L0ngest Blog EVER coming tommorow!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Past Due Update

It's been over 2 months since I have blogged....I am way overdue. I didnt blog about any of the things I have been wanting too....Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Kenadie's funny adventures, my new nephew, my dad having on on so forth . The reason you ask??Well, after the funnest night EVER at the New Kid's on the Block concert, we found out that we are Pregnant!! We had been trying pretty much since our wedding...and had kind of given up hope. We are thrilled. This pregnancy,however, is different than my first. I remember being nauseated with Kenadie...but not sick and throwing up all day every day. Its been a rough few months. We had a doc appt last week at 12 weeks and the doc couldn't find the heartbeat. Naturally Jason and I panicked. He got the small sonogram out and the reason he couldn't find the heartbeat is because our baby was bouncing and moving like crazy and he couldn't catch it. What a relief. I guess we will be having a wild one!! So now 13 weeks in and 11 lbs down, I am finally feeling ok enough to blog. We still have one more obstacle to get our little miracle here. Since I had cervical cancer in 2007, my cervix, while healing was better than expected my doctor is worried it will thin out too early. So as a preventive measure I am getting a Cerclage next wednesday. It is a procedure that sews the cervix shut until delivery. My doc said that when done before 16 weeks then 85% go all the way to term or close. I am confident in his abilities but like any normal person I am a little bit nervous. Send your prayers our way. On a good note, lately, I have gotten a little closer to my mother in law. Since I have to be on bedrest for 6 days she has offered to come and stay and take care of me and help with Miss K and getting her to school and such. It will be nice to spend time with her and get closer in our relationship. I do have some other things to update coming very soon!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A- Attached or Single? Attached, attached legally for 8 months today :)
B- Best Friend? Joni Clausen, but I have several others
C- Cake or pie? Cake
D- Day of choice? Sundays
E- Essential Item? Books, can't live without reading
F- Favorite Color? Purple. Its a fun color. Its a girly color that my fair skin goes with.
H- Hometown? Sandy
I- Idea? It'd be a good idea to move where there is no SNOW!
J- January or July? July-My birthday is in January but I like the warm weather.
K- Kids? Miss Kenadie Elizabeth, age 4 1/2
Life isn't complete without? My family
M- Marriage date? March 11, 2008
N- Number of brothers and sisters? 4 bros 2 sis
O- Oranges or Apples? Oranges
P- Phobia and fears? Heights, Clowns, Spiders,
Q- Quote? "The time to be happy is right now, your life will always be filled with challenges".
R- Reason to smile? When Kenadie sings, I love to hear her sing and make up random songs
S- Season of choice? Early Fall. The temperature is perfect and I love all the colors
T- Tag three people? Jamey, Rebekah, Leslie
U- Unknown fact about me? I love really old classic movies like The King and I and Gone with the Wind.
V- Vegetable? Summer Squash or Carrots
W- Worst habit? Procrastination
X-Ray or Ultrasound? Right now I'd love to have an ultrasound which would mean I was pregnant.
Y- Your favorite food? Thai
Zodiac sign? Aquarius

I tagged 3 people, but anyone else feel free to post this too. It's fun!